"Take me where the air is clear
I don’t really know where but I know its not here and
Every little step she takes makes me spin
Cause I know I’ll never have to ever sleep alone again"

— Aesop Rock - Prosperity

"I plan to hold this beat positive
Sacred in these golden veins
Until the day I die from grimace overload"

— Aesop Rock - Save Yourself

"Migrate through the fog and then some
Dragging bitch circuits on a short leash like organ grinder primates dancing for bread crumbs
Well, did you touch that slugger?
Banging on the table with an old tin cup
Thin luck"

— Aesop Rock -¬†Prosperity

"Belligerent fragments bond massive
Usher in the pixels ‘til the image burn classic
Bliss in a barrel and motivation in a basket
Imma cast it out to sea and wait for my karma to grasp it"

— Aesop Rock -¬†Prosperity

Aes talking about his lyricism and other jazz

also, he broke his rib teaching Panda to ride a skateboard 

Aesop at the 2005 MTVU Woodie Awards

Aesop at the 2005 MTVU Woodie Awards

Happy Thanksgiving from Aes, Slug, and Murs!

Here is a new Uncluded (Aes and Kimya) track hot off the press!

Goofy stuff

"Telephone distracting mom
Ruby wriggles out her strap
Fingers push the plexi-glass
She’s off into the sour patch"

— Aesop Rock - Ruby ‘81