My two favorite MC’s together! Busdriver and Aesop Rock!


Aesop Rock tattoo. daylight ep.

Graff head from VA made this

Motherfucker must REALLY like None Shall Pass

Motherfucker must REALLY like None Shall Pass

"Thrill, shrunken with a bucket of pennies
I’ma drag my sneakers through the dirt like alligator bellies
‘Til the cloud burst
Honor and a loud thirst
Submersed in a trap
Little drummer boy vs. thunderclap"

— Aesop Rock - Garbage

"Take me where the air is clear
I don’t really know where but I know its not here and
Every little step she takes makes me spin
Cause I know I’ll never have to ever sleep alone again"

— Aesop Rock - Prosperity

"I plan to hold this beat positive
Sacred in these golden veins
Until the day I die from grimace overload"

— Aesop Rock - Save Yourself

"Migrate through the fog and then some
Dragging bitch circuits on a short leash like organ grinder primates dancing for bread crumbs
Well, did you touch that slugger?
Banging on the table with an old tin cup
Thin luck"

— Aesop Rock - Prosperity